The Culprit Team is a tight knit ensemble of misfits. We have three partners, each with their own complementary strengths. No cracks in the floor, no chinks in the armor—our weakest link is

made of iridium and spider silk, the perfect balance of lean strength and unmatched flexibility.




David Dinetz is a native New Yorker with disruptive marketing coursing through his veins. David kicked off his career as Director of Production at Ignition Creative, spearheading the Tomb Raider campaign, which became one of the most successful video games in 2013. Now sporting a title that better captures his limitless potential, he directs major advertising campaigns for revolutionary companies. Dinetz has found his niché in utilizing technological innovations to change the way we experience content and artistic endeavors that push the boundaries of modern expression. David uses his deep understanding of story to reinforce the wild imaginations of those around him with structure. This bond between partners and clients forms a solid base which allows Culprit to craft campaigns that consistently generate press and shatter through the noise.


Director of Possibilities

Dylan Trussell, known internally as the most mature, well-mannered, and most mentally stable of the – oh who are we kidding, Dylan is a freak of nature whose one goal in life is to lead the Culprits into battle against those who try and poison the atmosphere with boredom. It is a miracle of modern science that he is still kicking after seven Burning Mans, three AK-47 rounds (to a bulletproof vest for a client), and one 6.8 earthquake which collapsed his house around him when he was 7. This LA native has a flair for the absurd, a born and bred background in film history, and a wicked jump kick as you can see from this almost perfectly timed picture. Raised by an indie film producer and a gaffer whose credits include Pulp Fiction, Dylan has been ready to pick up the camera since he first picked his nose. He still does one of those with brilliant efficiency and passion because Colt now acts as their sole cinematographer. Summing up this eventually-to-be-regarded-as-great man with one of his favorite quotes:

              "Too weird to live, and too rare to die."



Executive Idea Officer


Director Of Photography

After God created light, Colt Seman mastered it. At a young age, he retired from the family mortuary and ventured from the Midwest to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for cinematography. He started his career with a bang, working with the viral video machine known as Red Bull Media House, where he created two of their most popular web series. Almost instantly, the industry took note of his artistry and dubbed him a rising talent. He was the youngest person featured in several critically acclaimed documentaries on cinematography, two of which won Emmys. Now the Director of Photography at Culprit Creative, Colt is completely unleashing his visual ingenuity to explore his creative curiosities. He is able to craft stunning frames in the spur of the moment, as well as spend copious hours developing new camera technologies that innovate filmmaking and push the boundaries of modern visuals.