What is Culprit?

Culprit Creative is a full service production powerhouse and marketing agency working with the world's most iconic brands, promising startups, and celebrity talent. Specializing in high-end video and strategy from concept to campaign launch. Notable Culprit works include a live-action billboard for Beats by Dre featured in Times Square, national commercials for Mercedes, General Mills, and global campaigns for Starbucks and Instagram, along with anewly released feature film, starring 30 of the world's biggest social media stars: Airplane Mode.

In addition to live action commercials and films, Culprit specializes in the world's most awe-inspiring photo-real renderings and CGI product animations. Culprit Creative has mastered a unique application of Hollywood's most advanced technology and artists to marketing campaigns. Even though Culprit's work runs the gamut, the trained eye can always pick up a unique edginess that originates from ralented, passionate, and wild team of creators.


Culprit Creative was founded in 2013 by directing duo Dylan Trussell & David Dinetz. They specialize in taking themselves seriously. 


Dylan Trussell

Executive Idea Officer

This LA native was spawned from a gaffer whose credits include Pulp Fiction and  an independent film producer, so entertainment was in his blood. Also in his blood is a tiny amount of Chickasaw Native American which makes him cry when he sees trash. Unable to sit through mindless commercials or mediocre shows, Dylan set out on a lifelong mission, one that would span the globe, cost a pretty penny, unite nations, bring families together, make orphans dance in the streets, and make the planet's best medicine available to all, this mission was noble, this mission was grueling, this mission was simple: To Save The World From Boredom. Albeit a lofty goal, Dylan had a lucky break when he met longtime creative partner and collaborator, David Dinetz at CU Boulder. The duo majored in filmmaking and have been directing together professionally for over a decade, landing them a spot in Shoot Magazine's best new director's showcase. Although, they're never one's to take themselves too seriously, they take not taking themselves seriously, seriously.


David Dinetz

Director of Possibilities

David Dinetz is a native New Yorker and black sheep in a family full of doctors.His passion for storytelling runs deep and after receiving a BFA in filmmaking from CU Boulder, he prides himself on his continued education in screenwriting, mythology, and narrative. David is a perfectionist (within reason, not the annoying kind), and reinforces the wild imaginations of his team with structure. David often takes an unorthodox approach to marketing, including spoofing an Apple Airpods commercial and 'leaking it' on Mac Rumor sites. This approach has helped land both David and Dylan on Forbes's 30 Under 30 list and has helped grow Culprit Creative into one of Inc 5000's fastest growing companies. Dinetz has found a niche in utilizing technological innovations to change the way we experience content and loves inventing ways around current limitations. He has worked with the Culprit team to pioneer new techniques and styles in photo real CGI animation, which has been an asset to dozens of companies launching highly technical new products. Taking a personal stake in each project the team take on.

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